Ep 7: What is Flexion Distraction?

So many Americans deal with back and spinal pain at some point in their lives that stems from either mechanical or neurological problems. Flexion distraction is one of the treatments for these spinal pain issues and it can even provide benefits to your overall health as well. Join us as we demonstrate flexion distraction and explain how it helps our clients.

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Ep 6: The Gift of Health – Mind, Body, and Soul

The greatest gift anyone can receive this holiday season is that of good health. To us, that means taking care of the mind, body, and soul. Let’s talk about what this means and share a few tips with you to help you succeed in all three areas. Remember, a plan is great but it’s nothing without execution.

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Ep 5: Welcome to the Dojo, It’s Movember

It’s our job to help teach you how to take care of yourself, and that all begins with movement. In honor of the new month and the upcoming holidays, we’re calling this one Movember and it’s all about exercise, movement, and how we help our clients inside the Dojo at Omega.

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