Ep 7: What is Flexion Distraction?

So many Americans deal with back and spinal pain at some point in their lives that stems from either mechanical or neurological problems. Flexion distraction is one of the treatments for these spinal pain issues and it can even provide benefits to your overall health as well. Join us as we demonstrate flexion distraction and explain how it helps our clients.

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Video Version

The name might be confusing but the results aren’t.

Flexion-distraction is the focus of this episode of the podcast and we want to help you better understand how this treatment can relieve pain in your back and spine while also benefiting your organs as well. Not only does it help with back pain but it also serves to treat that radiating pain as well.

There are two primary causes for this type of pain: mechanical and neurological. For people that come to the office with mechanical lower back pain, meaning something is out of alignment or something is pinched, flexion-distraction helps open up that joint by stretching that area out.

On the neurological side, flexion-distraction is used to help the discs in your spine function like they’re supposed to. Combining that with four exercises that we’ll talk about will help reinforce that disc to be in the correct spot.

It’s a little bit easier to explain how it all works when you can see it, which is why we also demonstrate flexion-distraction on the show. So if you’re only listening to it, make sure you watch the video as well because you’ll actually get to see the process on Tri.

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead using the timestamps below.

0:51 – Why is this important to people?

1:25 – How the therapy works on the mechanical problem

2:56 – Curve in lower back impact on women

4:05 – ‘Butt looks smaller’

4:50 – Treating the neurological problem

6:13 – Improving your organs as well

7:55 – Water balloon analogy

9:43 – What you should expect from Distraction


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