Ep 10: Foot Care Month – Bones, Arches & Orthotics

With it being Foot Care Month, let’s talk about the importance of your feet when it comes to keeping your body properly aligned and pain-free. Many people don’t realize how many parts of the body your feet can impact and they don’t always know how to choose the best orthotics to help with the pain. Today we’ll sort all that out and teach you about the different arches in your feet.

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When you think about the work a chiropractor does, you probably first think about the back, neck and spine. But how often do you think about the role your feet play in the overall alignment of your body?

Since it is Foot Care Month, it’s a perfect time to shine the spotlight on these two parts of the body that take us everywhere we go. On this episode, we take you through our process of working on the feet and help explain why they deserve more attention than we often want to give them.

The best place to begin is to think about how your body moves. The feet play a huge part in that, and you quickly realize how important the foot is for alignment. When your foot contacts the ground, the arches will affect many parts of the body. If the arch has fallen, it could cause the knee to rotate, the hip to drop a little bit, which results in the shoulder trying to compensate. That’s why a foot dysfunction can be the root cause for a lot of the paint you might go see a chiropractor for.

We’ll explain the three types of arches on the show and what the difference are for each. We have a foot scanner in our office that shows us how your foot is shaped and can help us determine what kind of custom orthotic you need to provide proper support. It’s the best way to ensure that you’ll have the correct fit.

Many people chose to buy those orthotics from a big box store, but one thing to remember when buying an orthotic over the counter is that it’s important for it to be bendable and allow your foot to move. There are joints in your foot that need that freedom and you don’t want to limit that range of motion.

We’ll also tell you the different ways that we are able to adjust the knuckles of your foot, the sides, the heel, the ankle, and how we help get it back to where it needs to be. And much like we would do with other parts of the body, we’ll why exercises are important to maintaining your foot health.

After all, you could say the feet are the foundation of your whole spine so you want to give them the attention they deserve.

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead using the timestamps below.

0:49 – Why feet are important to alignment?

1:46 – The 3 arches on your feel

3:09 – How to look at your shoes

3:45 – Getting proper orthotics

6:33 – How chiropractors help

8:28 – Techniques to adjust the foot

10:56 – Final thoughts


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